As parts of southwest Florida are cleaning up the damage after Hurricane Ian, many people are in need of a hot meal. Restaurants in South Florida are stepping up to help.

Mordy Menkes just opened up his food truck Wildflour Waffles in Hollywood and is getting his business off the ground.

After Hurricane Ian hit, he hit the ground running to help those affected by the storm. Menkes hopped in his food truck, and with the help of a volunteer, Sean Inglis, they drove over 100 miles to give out Kosher chicken and waffles.

”The closer we got to Cape Coral, you could start seeing that people really needed help, so we pulled in over there and we served anywhere between 60 to 70 people. We brought Kosher food to people who didn’t have an option,” Menkes said.

All the meals were given out for free, and donated by the community of the Chabad of Emerald Hills. Menkes went up the west coast of Florida to Naples, Cape Coral, Bonita Springs and Punta Gorda. With the help of Ben Kupershmidt at the Chabad of Cape Coral, they were able to make a big impact

“This morning we got up early and made a couple batches of waffles and drove to Punta Gorda, and there is disaster. That’s where people really need help,” Menkes said.

Entire communities are without electricity and gas and food are scarce, so Menkes says every little bit helps.

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